Vacation part 1

I am so sorry that my last post as almost a year ago!!
I can’t believe how much time has flown by. 

So much has happened since my last post. So I decided that I’ll just make a list of the things that have happened in the past (almost) year:

  • I’m walking so much better and longer. I’ve been working my butt off in therapy!
  • My standing balance is getting better as well, and I’m able to stand for about 6 (or so) minutes. I know it doesn’t sound very long at all, but standing makes my lower back hurt so bad.
  • Earlier this month I spent two weeks in a state of the art rehabilitation hospital for two weeks, so I could get 3 hours of therapy everyday. The therapists I worked with where the same therapists I worked with the last time I went in.
  • Now instead of getting just two hours of therapy every week. I am now getting four hours of therapy, because I recently started doing occupational therapy.
  • I got both of my training knees for my prosthesis.
  • I’ve also gotten taller, I am now 4’11. After I get raised up a few more times (I get raised up 2 inches each time) and I’m to my final height. I’m going to get my microprocessor knees, then I’ll awesome new feet, and then ankles.
  • I’m able to go to the bathroom without having to take my prosthesis off. I’m able to fully keep my right leg on, but I have to get my left socket off (which its super easy to put back on and only takes 30 seconds) but I’m able to leave my liners on.
  • I’m able to get in and out of a car by myself.
  • *About 6 weeks ago or so* One of physical therapists goes to church with a gentlemen who is big into fitness. He trains a few other people and he eventually wants to own his own gym. So after she got him and I in contact with each other, we met up and chatted, and started working out. I had to do a three-week commitment to him to show him that I’m truly committed to wanting to start a new chapter in my life. Plus he’s training me for free, but I love it.

This is just a short list of some of the awesome things I’ve accomplished since the last time I posted.

I’m currently on vacation and while I was relaxing on the beach I over heard someone talking about word press, and I thought I would give blogging another try…. I just hate how bad my grammar and sentence structure is.

Anyways I’m Florida for the first time in four years. My mother and I flew down March 25, we flew into Orlando so my grandparents can come and picked us up to take us back to Daytona Beach. We flew with Southwest, the staff was so helpful and kind. I had my prosthesis on so getting through TSA was annoying. They had to pat me down as if I was randomly selected. Once we got to the plane I got to board first and we got to pick our own seats. We where able to get my wheelchair into the opening of the plane and turn it towards the aisle so all I had to do was stand up and turn around to sit in the first row… but I wanted to be in a window seat so I had to take a few side steps then turn around. I was a little nervous because there was three seats in a row and the flight was over booked so I knew someone was going to have to sit next to my mom, I was nervous someone horrible was. But I was wrong haha, this wonderful Lady who lives in the town where I was born sat next to us. She was wonderful and such a sweetheart, her and I still talk here and there.

So my mom and I got to spend a few days before My dad and little sister drove down to Daytona, this would be my dads first time back in Florida in 16 years. They had a day and half in Daytona before we had to drive down to Disney. We got our Disney tickets in a package, buy 4 days get the 5th day free, we also got our dining plan and hotel villa on a discount, along with getting the memory maker (which is all the pictures taken by any cast members inside the parks goes into an account that you have to total access to) . Somehow our hotel stay got mixed up because we originally wanted to stay at the villa Sunday night but it had us checking in on Monday. So we stayed the night in the All Star Sports Resort which had 3 different hotel buildings, the outside of the Resort and pool along with the main building that had the store, arcade, check in, and cafeteria was so nice and awesome looking! The building we stayed in had a football field in front of it (It was sooo awesome!!) but once you got to the inside the rooms looked so boring.
I’m starting to get tired and a headache… I guess I’ll call this vacation part 1.
Tomorrow or so I’ll post about the parks and our amazing Villa we stayed in, along with a few photos.



I’m so excited that it’s finally summer!
I have some fun things planned, and a ton of swimming to do!

I am oh so very excited that the LGBT community can now get married in all 50 states,
and can no longer be discriminated against when adopting a child.

Alive was a blast! There was amazing bands like Jeremy Camp, Need to breathe, Skillet, Lecrea, Tenth Avenue North, NF, Toby Mac, For king and County, and Colton Dixion. Those where just some of the handling bands, they had bands play all afternoon at the beach stage, and wood stage. They also had a family fun tent which caters to young kids, they also have inflatable stuff. It was the first year that it was just my mom, little sister, and I went. It was orginally my mom, Anessa and her friend, and myself and a friend… we got tickets for them but they bailed. It was frustrating at the time but we ended up selling the tickets and had the time of our lives by ourselfs.

Lately I’ve been a little bummed out, but I’m feeling better. Between therapy, and the gym the only other people I see is my family. Alive really brighten my spirits.

Even though I’ve been bummed out I have accomplished a few things that I’m very proud of.

  1. Last month I had my driving evaluation, So I got to drive with hand controls for the first time since the accident. I drove very well, and driving with hand controls is a lot easier than it looks. I cried afterwards because I forgot how much I loved driving, and how much I missed driving. I started looking at different cars, I plan to buy new that way I don’t have to worry about how reliable the car is. I’m really really really leaning towards a Red 2015 Kia Soul.
  2. I started going to BVR (Bureau or Vocational Rehabilitation). I’ve only had two meetings with them. I’m hoping they’ll help me pay for my hand controls. Job wise they don’t think Culinary is ideal for me right now, because their goal is to get you back working. Down the road I can do Culinary… but I wouldn’t give up cooking for anything.
  3. Last week in PT I walked 345 feet, which is the farthest I’ve ever walked.
  4. In OT I stood in front of a mat table so when I got tired I could lean back and rest while I’m still standing up. My therapist and I played Uno for 34 minutes.

Amputee Awareness month!!

I can’t believe April is over!

This month is amputee awareness month!

Everyday more than 500 people in America lose a limb (I read from an amputee magazine the other day). Just know that you’re not alone, social media is a great way to find and chat with other amputees. The Amputee Coalition is a great website to visit and explore. There are also support groups you can go to every month, Just talk to your prosthetist. Also, finding a counselor that you’re able to be completely honest with is very beneficial… It really helped me!

Everyone loses their limb(s) differently. Some people lose their limbs from diabetes, cancer, infections, burns, frost bite, trauma accidents, exc.

For those to don’t know how I lost both my legs, I was the passenger in a near fatal car accident. They tried so hard to save both my legs… My right leg was so mangled and crushed. My left leg the muscles swelled to much so they had to cut open my leg to let the muscles heal to the outside. Of course with the luck I was having some of my muscles died, then they found a spore that wasn’t treatable. So it was either keep my left leg and eventually lose my life, or have it amputated. It was amputated below the knee but then I got an infection so they had to amputate it higher.
On top of all of that I had A TON of internal damages, and I bled out three times.
I was in the hospital for 6 months before I was able to come home.

For awhile it was hard for me to deal because I didn’t know anyone who was 1. An a double amputee let alone another amputee, and 2. Someone who lost a limb in a car accident.

Dealing with this change is very hard but please know that you are not alone in this.

If you do need someone to talk to, I would love to talk to you. Here is how you can get ahold of me:
Instagram: teeeuhhh

Even if you’re not an amputee and just need a friend to talk to… feel free to contact me as well.

Vacation Part 2

“Anticipation is the greater part of pleasure” – Angela Carter.
^^^ This is why I don’t blog when I said I will. Which is why I’d probably NEVER be a paid blogger. I would love to get into vlogging (video blogging)… but I’d probably be horrible at that too. Haha oh well.

I’m just going to jump back into talking about my amazing vacation. I know that I’ve been home for a day over two weeks, but I’ve been a little busy this therapy and working out with my personal trainer. If you’re the type of person who hates reading about other peoples amazing vacations then you might as well click off now… Until I post again… whenever that may be (I’m going to try to get back on a schedule).
I know this post is very long. If you get bored I’m sorry, but I’m writing this for me. That way I can always come back to this post and remember my amazing vacation… the FIRST vacation my family has been on since the accident.

There was only two things I wish I could have changed. I wish my older sister and her husband could have came along with us, and I wish we could have been there longer at Disney so we could enjoy the resort that we stayed at more.

DAY 1.  Magic Kingdom!
My little sister and went to the park, while my parents went and checked into our room at Old Key West Resort. Once we got into the park we met Tinkerbell and then went and got a disability card (which is a card you can get and they put your photo on it and how many guests you have in your party. So when you go to a ride you have a cast member at the front of line fill it out, and they will give you a time to come back and when you do you get in the fast pass line). My parents met up with us when we were in line to met Aladdin and Jasmine. My mom was a sweetheart and got my little sister and I autograph books.

We did have one mishap on this whole vacation, which happened to be the frist ride we went on (Which also happened to be the first ride I had to transfer into). My dads favorite ride, Pirates of the Caribbean. I should have sat this ride out, to get into the boat you had to step down onto the seat then step down again, vise versa getting out. I can go up and down small steps but not like the ones you have to do to get into the boat. (It actually pissed me off because all the other boat rides in Disney World are handicap accessible… meaning I could get onto a boat and still be in my wheelchair.) So my dad and this amazing gentlemen who was in the row in front of us who was a paramedic and a firefighter in the Air Force helped me on and off the boat.
Because I can’t bend my knee to get into things (only for walking) my mom went to go bend my knee for me to help me get off the boat. Somehow her finger got pinched and ripped a huge hunk of skin out of her finger. There was so much blood and I was crying because I felt so bad. The gentleman from the Air Force and his family stayed with us to make sure my mom was okay. They had to call the paramedics to clean up my mom and the gentleman who got blood on him.
Disney’s cast members handled everything so well.

After that mishap we just rode the rides that I could go on in my chair.
For our lunch/dinner we ate at the Crystal palace with Winnie the Pooh and Pals. So we met Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tiger. While we were eating this nice gentleman came up to me who was also an amputee and we chatted for a bit, it was really nice.
My sister and I went and met Tinkerbell again to get her autograph. We then met Mickey Mouse, I was so excited I cried. Mickey’s able to talk to you now!!! We then met Ariel! We then went and rode a few more rides before the firework show before nine.

I originally wanted to stay super late because the park closes at 1am. But my legs hurt so bad… this was the longest I’ve ever wore my legs, a little over 13 hours. I didn’t have my cushion to sit on, so my legs where throbbing. After the firework show we left and headed back to the villa. I ended up getting a welt on my left leg.

There where quite a few things that I didn’t get to do that I wanted to in this park. I didn’t get to go on the 7th dwarfs mine ride.. but I did get to explore all the neat new stuff they have in fantasy

DAY 2. Animal Kingdom!
This was my dads first time being at this park, and my sisters second time (although she doesn’t remember much about her first trip). I got us early fastpasses for the African Safari… but we all slept in.
So once we got to the park we headed straight to Africa,but we did stop to get our photos taken (we got the memory maker so we have the rights to all our photos taken by cast members or on rides) a few times.
We had a cast member fill out my card. We then walked the Pangani Forest Exploration, it was really interesting. They had different animals you can see and learn facts about. Once we finished the Exploration we went right to the
Kilimanjaro Safari, which is my favorite thing in this park!
At 1 we had our sit down meal at the Rainforest Café. Inside was amazing, the food was intoxicating! Everything was so good. I had coconut shrimp, and cheesecake for dessert. I could eat that every day and never get sick of it haha.
After we ate we made our way to It’s Tough to be a Bug, which I transferred out of my wheelchair for because it’s 4D theater. Then we made our way to Asia, got our pictures taken, card signed, and explored Dino land. We didn’t stay long but it was neat, it reminded me of the County Fair.
We headed back to Expedition Everest. Which is the first (actual) roller coaster I’ve been on. I actually could have transferred on without my legs. After the ride a super nice cast member asked if I enjoyed the ride and gave me fast passes for us all to get back on. My parents went back to the hotel but Anessa and I stayed and rode the ride again.
We then made our way to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. We saw Chip and Dale, Thumper, and Rafiki. We went to the affection section where you could pet animals… the animals loved my wheelchair.
At 6 Rafiki’s Planet Watch closed so we went and met Mickey and Minnie then headed back to the villa.

DAY 3. Epcot!
Epcot was having their Flower and Garden Festival, all the plants where stunning! We first rode the ride in the ball, it was super easy for my to transfer into. I’ve never been on that ride, but now that I have it wasn’t much to write home about. We then went to the Ellen ride, that was fun.
We didn’t have a sit down meal today, but we got fish in chips in England and we saw Alice from Alice in Wonderland. But the Fish was sooooo good!

By the time we got to France in the World Showcase my little sister wanted to go back to the villa and relax… so did my parents… but I on the other hand did not what to leave. I’ve never been able to go all the way around the world showcase, so today I was going to. My dad ended up staying with me.

I had a blast going to all the different world’s, going to all the different shops, seeing all the different performers and all the different food.
After we finished going around the show case we met up with my mom and little sister and my dad went back to the Villa.
We went and did the finding memo ride, and I got to see the manatees so I was happy.
I got us fast passes to see the firework show that way I could be up front. The firework show was amazing like always.

DAY 4. Hollywood Studios aka MGM!
The park looked to different without Mickey’s Sorcerer hat in the middle of the park.

The frist thing we did was getting my card signed at Aerosmiths Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. We did a little shopping while we waited then headed back to the ride. Transferring onto this ride was easier than getting out. I ended up having to take my left leg off to get out. The cast members kept joking with me saying the ride rocked me so hard my leg came off.
Then we headed to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to get the card filled out. We looked at more shops while we waited. Transferring onto that ride was the easiest to do. I just had to stand up, take a step, turn around, side step the sit down. I love this ride. It’s always so much fun!!
After that we went to Toy Story Midway Mania to get the card signed, then we went and met woody and buzz. It was neat and the wait didn’t seem long at all, throughout the line there are all different things you can take photos with or by that’s in Toy Story.
When we met Woody and Buzz my little sister brought Lotso (Huggin Bear) stuffed animal. They freaked out and put him in time out it was priceless! But they kept giving us hugs and kisses.
Toy Story mania was a blast, its been one of my favorites since I can remember. I was taking photos inside waiting to get onto the ride and so one of the cast members took my phone and took a selfie with me!

We had our sit down dinner at the Syfi Diner, which was amazing. So you sit in cars from the 1950s, and watch tv like you’re at the drive ins.

After we ate we headed back to the villa. We where soo exhausted! My dad and little sister swam for about 20 minutes and came back because they where to exhausted. We originally planned to go swim, hang out, then go to Downtown Disney…
I took a jacuzzi bath and everyone else relaxed. Because we left so early I wasn’t able to see Fantasmic which I’ve been wanting to see. Oh well I’ll come back.

DAY 5.  Epcot and Downtown Disney!

We sadly had to check out of the Villa this morning. Then we made our way to Epcot to have breakfast with the princesses in Norway. We met Belle, Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella, and sleeping beauty.
My parents went back to Old Key West to go swimming. My sister and I went and rode the finding Nemo ride, watched them feed the manatees then went to turtle talk with crush, which was actually really funny.
We headed back to the villa and met up with our parents.

While my parents wait for my Grandparents to get there, Anessa and I went to Downtown Disney. We went into all the shops we passed, the Christmas store, candy store (my two favorite stores), a clothing store, a toy store.
We met up with my mom and grandparents. We kept looking all the different shops, until we stopped and had fish and chips for dinner.
We adventured on to Planet Hollywood (which is where I wanted to go.. but only to the gift shop) I had a voucher for a free souvenir and 15% off of every item we bought. We also had a voucher for $15 off but you had to order a certain kind of meal, but since we already ate we gave it to this really sweet couple… I hope they where able to use it, if not I hope they passed it on. Anyways my free souvenir was a key chain (Which I knew it would be because that’s what my free souvenir was 4 years ago when the band ate at Planet Hollywood.), my mom and I also go shirts there.
After we left the gift shop we headed back to one of the main stores that had pretty much EVERYTHING you could get in the park. I bought a few things for myself and my friends.
After that we headed back to my grandparents car, to go back to Daytona Beach.

I was kind of bummed we didn’t stay at Downtown Disney longer, I really wanted to experience it at night. But it’s not like I won’t ever be back, plus when I do come back all the construction and building will done. The atmosphere at night is indescribable. Seeing all the different bands playing, all the shops, restaurants, and bars all lit up. I can’t wait to come back!

Anessa and I where looking at the lake and a cast member said that she thought she saw an otter… I thought she was lying until one popped out of the water and sat on a rock!

Daytona Beach!
I spent the rest of my vacation at the pool overlooking the ocean. swimming, tanning, and reading.
The day before I left my friend from college came from Jacksonville to hangout. It was really nice getting to catch up and hang out with each other again.

Because this post is already super long I’m going to upload another post tonight of a ton of photo. I really don’t want to post a TONNN of photos on facebook, that way I can post them on here. Sorry again for how long this is.

Vacation, Relaxation, and more Vacation

I can honestly say that this has been the longest I feel like I have gone without blogging! Gah its been over a month… I feel bad for everyone who look forward to my posts and or try to keep up with my posts.

So since the last time I posted My left leg has healed up perfectly! Therapy has been going great as well! I believe the week of the 20th I go into Yankee to get fitted for my new leg! I am just so happy that my leg healed up perfectly with no issues, and that I’m able to handle putting weight on in therapy. Hopefully this time walking will be so much easier for me, and I’ll have knees in no time!

So the first vacation I went on was at Alive, which is a week-long christian music festival *with camping*. I don’t know if you would really considerate a vacation because of all the work that you have to put into it, but anyways haha. This year would be my 8th or 9th year going, I went last year with a wound vac, so I was definitely going this year. Unfortunately this year mom had a broken wrist and a really bad knee, and of course I’m in a wheelchair. So this year camping was of course my mom and I, my best friend Mel, my little sister, and my little sisters best friend. With all of them camping with us along with our AMAZING camp neighbors who helped us out a lot, made camping SOOOO much easier.
Last year I had my mom buy Mel and I one day V.I.P. front stage passes so I could see my favorite band up close … Well this year she bought four ALL week V.I.P. passes. It was super amazing because we all got to go front row to see our favorite bands. The two bands that I LOVE is Britt Nicole, and Family Force 5…. Seeing them upfront was beyond amazing, especially because the lead singer from family force 5 held my hand and sang to me!!!!!
Besides camping and seeing great bands perform you get to meet some amazing people. The family that camped next to us was truly amazing, meeting and becoming great friends with Todd and Angel, and of course seeing Chad and meeting his beautiful wife! I really want to express how truly AWESOME Todd and Angel are.
Because of how Atwood is set up, the easiest way to the main stage is if I go by tram. Thankfully on the first day of concerts the tram driver I had was Todd, who was the person in charge of the tram staff I believe. Anyways after he drops us off at the main stage we exchanged numbers that way if I EVER needed anything while I was there I could get ahold of him. Which made that whole week AMAZING. When ever I needed a ride to the main stage I would send him a quick text and he would radio it in for someone to come get me, same with after the concerts! Angel was another tram driver that I had and her and I quickly became friends.

Once Alive was over I had two weeks before I left to go to Chicago for two weeks. When we came back from Alive ALL I wanted to do was to go swimming, but the pool was still green and the parts to  the pool lift we ordered didn’t ship in right. Luckily after a few days of waiting the pool was finally ready to be swam in but the pool lift wasn’t ready… But that lift wasn’t my concern, I just wanted to go swimming and I knew I’d figure a way out. With the new ladder my dad got for the pool I’m able to get myself out of the pool but not into my wheelchair. So, those two weeks I had to relax went by fast between physical therapy and swimming.

So on the 3rd we left for Chicago so we could be downtown for the fireworks on the 4th. On the 5th we went to Wisconsin to tour the Miller brewery, but because we didn’t call ahead we weren’t able to get a full tour because of my wheelchair. That sunday my parents headed back home and my little sister and I stayed for my little sister. It’s been a nice relaxing vacation! During the week we don’t really do much but on the weekend we do :D.
On Saturday we where going to go to the zoo but it was raining, so instead we went to the mall so I was able to get my phone fixed, and shop a little. Sunday my two sisters and I went downtown, we had lunch at Bubba Gumps which was delicious! Then we walked around Navy pier, then we shopping on the Magnificent Mile.










    I know its been a while since I last posted, I always space out my posts. 

      I am so happy that its finally summer, and my little sister is out of school!!! I can’t believe she’ll be a Junior next year, I’m going to be such a sap when she graduates. haha 

 Over this past weekend I went to my best friends wedding. It was beyond beautiful. Her dress was perfect, and theme was a perfectly rustic. I was so happy to be there and see my amazing friend Tayla who was there, and to see two of my best friends get married and start this beautiful new life together as Mr & Mrs. I met the groom my freshmen year at college, at a bonfire during smart start. We instantly became best friends, he was like a big brother to me. He actually lived a few doors down from my dorm room. Around Christmas time I met the bride, and her and I became instant friends. She lived in the dorm next to me, and her roommate was pregnant and beyond crazy ( I would of punched her if she wasn’t pregnant.) Crazy and this other b*tch started sooo much shit, it felt like I was in middle school again at hoover when i was being bullied. Like who does that in college??? I feel bad for her daughter but anyways!!! I ended up moving in with the bride when crazy moved out. I loved living her!! Over the weekends I would go to her house and I loved her family, they were so kind to me. But in the middle of moving in with her, I went to see the groom and that’s how they met. Through me :). Being at her wedding was sooo nice because I was able to see her family and my two best friends. At her wedding to get to the ceremony you had to take a hay ride, along with getting back to the reception. She had a horse drawn carriage and everything. It was so beautiful.
Unfortunately during the reception I was starting to get uncomfortable and I was in pain, so we ended up leaving. We ended up going to the dog races in Wheeling with my cousins. That was a lot of fun as well. I love grey hounds. Then on Sunday my best friend from High School had a party for her  little girls first birthday. I love her daughter soo much!  

     This Tuesday I started therapy again, I had it yesterday as well. It was a little hard because I’m trying to stand with just one leg, but my leg is to high. So Kevin has to lower it to make it shorter, which is sad. It feels like I have to back track because of the surgery, but It seems like I’m always back tracking. But Kevin said that once we get a prosthetic back onto my left leg, I’ll move up in height really fast. I just want to move on and get knees, so I can get this show on the road!!
      Today the Mercy Hospital had their first amputee support group lunch in. I hope It benefits me  even though I don’t know what I’m looking for out of the group. Everyone in that group is so much older than me, but their success stories really inspire me. The only difference in our limb loss is mine was because of a car accident and most of theirs was from bone cancer or a virus. I kind of had a virus but that was only for one leg of mine, and that’s another thing… Most of everyone there only lost one limb. But even though it was the first meeting it does give me hope and when I’m upset,  frustrated, or annoyed it reminds me that I’m not the only one in the world who is going through this struggle, or this frustration, but most of that I’m not alone. 

   Yesterday my grandparents, mother and I went to old navy so I could buy a bathing suit early. I always get stuck buy my bathing suit in June when everyone else is like “Oh shit I need to buy a bathing suit because its hot out!!”. So all that’s left is the ugly bathing suits and you have no choice because you waited to long. haha, but anyways I finally went early enough so I had good choices, and I LOVEE my bikini. I also bought a couple of tank tops, and I bought my first par of jean shorts since the accident. while trying on the shorts and tank tops I sadly had minor breakdown with my mom in the dressing room. I’ve always worn compression shorts, or some type of gym shorts, because I couldn’t fit into my old jean shorts. But I had a break down because my body is huge, and I unfortunately am in double digits on pants size and an extra large in some shirts. Once I tried those clothes on and how I looked in clothes that didn’t squeeze my body, I looked good.
My body has been through hell since the accident. When the accident happened I was down to a size 7, but because I lost SOOO much blood they pumped me full of blood and fluid. So my body blew up like a blimp. Then half a year after the accident I had to have abdominal reconstruction surgery which lasted 9 and half hours. During that surgery they took out a lot of fat but then my blood pressure dropped critically low… So they had to pump me full of fluid and I unfortunately  blew up like a blimp AGAIN. Because I was blown up with fluid so many times My body Is COVERED with stretch marks 😦 I have them under my arms, and on my upper side (under my arm pits) really bad, and then I have them on my legs and side. I’m not ashamed of my stretch marks, I’m disappointed of my size. 
And unfortunately because I’m mainly (other than therapy, and the occasional time at home that I work on walking) I’m wheelchair bound. I do, do work outs everyday but I’m so limited because I can’t get up and run and what not. 

    But I am proud of my body, because it’s my armor. It’s what everyone sees when they look at me. Most people look at my body and can tell I went through something traumatic. I do plan on working out A LOT, and being very very VERY motivated towards learning how to walk. Also we got two decks belt, one by the pool so I can actually go swimming this summer!!  

Now I’m starting to ramble haha.

I know I don’t blog as much as I said I would but I have no clue if anyone actually reads or cares about my blog. I know my writing isn’t the best but I’m trying.

Here are some random photos;

My amazing dog Bailey

My amazing dog Bailey

My dog Marley

My dog Marley

My other dog Morgan.

My other dog Morgan.

My bikini. :)

My bikini. 🙂